HULAFE is a non-profit organization that oversees and manages the scientific policy of the Health Department La Fe in Valencia. The Health Department Valencia - La Fe is one of the health provision areas belonging to the Health Care System of the Region of Valencia (Spain), under the umbrella of the Valencia Health Agency (AVS).

This Health Department covers a concrete geographical area located in the city of Valencia and coordinates all the healthcare services provided in the territory, from primary to tertiary care, covering 210.000 inhabitants directly and a catchment area adding up to 515.000 persons. Hospital La Fe is well-known in Spain as a leading hospital in the management of several diseases, in the provision of home hospitalization services and in pursuing of the integration of all the care levels for the comprehensive case management of chronic patients. HULAFE has already participated in several national and European projects regarding chronic disease management, reengineering of healthcare processes, home monitoring and deployment of clinical pathways.

EMP-H Project will be led by eRPSS research team that is an interdisciplinary research team between two of the major research entities of the region of Valencia: the Technical University (UPVLC) and the Research Foundation of the Hospital La Fe, which aims to consolidate multidisciplinary research that combines studies in clinical, technical, technological, social, welfare, organizational and market projection aspects. Recently the research group has been certified as an excellence research unit by an external evaluation agency. Furthermore the group is one of the Reference Sites of the European Partnership Initiative in Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) awarded with 3 excellence stars by the European Commission.

The Health Department will enable the access to patients, families, informal caregivers, patient associations and health professionals that could participate in the project activities. Additionally, the partner will incorporate the policy makers and decision makers in the field of healthcare and social care in the region of Valencia, by involving the corresponding regional ministries. The Department, in collaboration with the Valencia Health Agency, could provide access to the HIS and EHR for primary and specialized care, both for data analysis and for system integration at the pilot site purposes. Additionally, the Health Agency could also enable the access of the project to regional level indicators and regional policy information, to be used in the impact assessment. The partner has a framework agreement with the Research Centre of Public Health of the region, which will contribute to the evaluation and the creation of indicators, in collaboration with the National Network for Health Research on Chronic Conditions Services, which could also support the evaluation process

Fundacion para la Investigacion del Hospital Universitario la Fe de Valencia – HULAFE,