Carla Becchi (MSc in Law 1989) with a degree in public health administration. In 2000 a Master’s Degree in Management: "Project management structure for the activation of the new hospital of Asti".

She was director ofhuman resources office of Biella Hospital ASLBI for three years. In May 2002 she was assigned to the hospital's health department and in 2003 she was awarded a highly specialized management position for hospital services. Since June 2009 she is responsible for the administrative activities with a unit of 77 people, six offices and 15 outpatient services. She managesandcontrolsthebudgetallocated to thehealth departmentof the hospital.She alsofollowsthe administrative procedures forsubmitting clinical trialsto the ethics committeeofreference, and then followsthe economic aspectsand the relationship withthesponsor.

She has taught administrative law and legal aspects of the nursing profession at the school of nursing of the ASL di Biella. She has also taught public law and labour law at Novara University's Bachelor of nursing science, branch in Biella.

In 2015 she became Director of Human resources of ASL Biella.