Dr Maurizio Bacchi (MD). Medical doctor for the Italian National Health Service in the fields of Hygiene, Epidemiology, and Public Health at the Local Health Authorities (ASLs) of Biella and Cossato, Italy.

Since March 2011, he is Director of the Hygiene and Public Health service of the ASL of Biella. He coordinates the service for smoking prevention and the local implementation of the WHO "Gaining Health" strategy, which aims to promote healthy behaviours at a community and population level. He is also coordinator of the "Environment and Health" group within the ASL of Biella, which regards assessment of environmental impacts. He is representative of the local contact point for the Information System for Infectious Diseases (SIMI), a national surveillance system of the National Institute of Health, and coordinator of prevention and epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at the ASL of Biella. At a regional level, he is member of Regional Committee for Prevention and Health Promotion, of the board for the reorganization of regional preventive services, and of the board for the promotion of evidence-based preventive practices.

Among work experiences are particularly relevant those relating to coordination of the following projects carried out within the ASL of Biella: "Prevention of home accidents" "Alcohol and driving", "Peer education and STD", "Smoke-free Healthcare Environments", "Prevention of caries in children and adolescents"," We like la prevenzione". The latter is a particularly innovative project focused on social networking as a means for promotion of healthy lifestyles, which was presented at an international level at the 2013 Conference of the Association Latine pour l’Analyse ses Systèmes de Santé (ALASS, http://www.alass.org) in Reims, France, and at the University of Manchester in 2014.