Fabrizio Faggiano is full professor of Public Health in UPO - University of Piemonte Orientale – Novara (Italy).

As a public health researcher, the work of Professor Fabrizio Faggiano focused on understanding (and improving) behaviour in context, which are the social, environmental and individual determinants of health compromising behaviours. Moreover, it is interested in how social structures (e.g. families, schools, communities, employers, regulation, government) can promote and support improved health and wellbeing in communities and populations. As an epidemiologist, his work is focused on the design and conduction of scientific studies for the evaluation of the efficacy, effectiveness and population impact of interventions targeted to the reduction of the exposure to risk factors for health. His main contributions to this field has been done in the context of several European evaluation studies that Prof. Faggiano contributed to design and conduct (project Teenage, Smoking in Movies) or coordinated as well (EUDAP 1 and EUDAP 2), or, again promoted in the field collaborating with UNICEF and UNODC for the evaluation of prevention interventions in several countries, as for example Brazil and Islamic Republic of Iran. The advocacy for a better evidence-based prevention and primary care is the field in which the epidemiologic and public health components are merged in his action. He is collaborating with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug abuse in the development of a repository of effective prevention programmes, working with the Italian Health Institutions for the development of a Network of research centres for the selection of effective interventions for the Italian regions, promoting into the European Society for Prevention Research the development of initiatives to propose a process of approval of prevention interventions.