Dr. Bernardo Valdivieso is Quality and Planning Director of the Hospital La Fe and coordinator of the Hospital at Home and Telemedicine Unit. He has been the president of the Spanish Association of hospital at home units since 2000 to 2001. He is Doctor in Medicine “Cum Laude‟ since 2000 and he have several graduates in Clinic Services Management and Clinic Research. He participate as teacher staff in LEAD courses (Diploma de Especialización en Liderazgo y Transformación en Organizaciones y Sistemas Sanitarios) in Deusto University. He has participated as main researcher in several national projects and pilot site coordinator in some European research projects (METABO, MANAGED OUTCOMES, MOSAIC, HEARTCYCLE, BEYONSILOS, and PREVE) and he is one of the responsible of EIP-AHA Valencia Reference Site in Chronic Diseases Management which has been awarded with three stars by European Comission. His major research interest is reengineering of health care processes, healthcare planning and integrated care.

During EMP-H project development he will work as a clinical expert in hospital processes and care patients management and will lead Valencia Pilot Site participation.