Aldona Droseikiene - Master's degree of Economics-Vilnius University, Lithuania (1980), Master's degree of Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University (1993), Bachelor diploma of psychology of Mykolo Romerio University, Vilnius (2003).
Working in different spheres she used to improve her knowledge and skills in various courses: Courses in GATT, Switzerland (1992);Courses PC (IT access) in Tallinn (Estonia) 1993;Courses of International business and law in Netherlands (1994);Courses of International business management in Denmark (1998);Courses in European projects planning and management (Florence)2007,Psychologist courses in Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden.(from 2005 till now annually) EURORDIS-   European Organisation for Rare Diseases (2014 )

Through the work, she was trusted and she earned the authority working as an expert and adviser in the different national and international institutions:
From 2008-The health expert in the health Committee of the Lithuanian parliament;
From 2010-An adviser in the executive committee of the European MS Platform;
Regularly and actively participates in the EU projects coordinated by the European Patients' Forum, Eurocarers,Eurordis and the Baltic MS Alliance.

Since 2003 till now she works on a position of Secretary General of the Lithuanian multiple sclerosis union. Under her direction the LISS/LMSU became well known not only in national level but as well in European health and research organisations. She provides social and psychological consultations, represents of patient interest in state level institutions and often is invited as a speaker in the European conferences presented real situation related disability questions in Europe..She has a big competence in organizing round table discussions with a highly actual questions and more than 12 years has an experience in developing and managing every level projects: national and international as well.

She has been managing different national and international projects initiatives related with health and social integration of the people.

  1.  National project „Mobile care” from 2007 till now. ( ) ” The aim of this project is to create an innovative team in health care of doctors, nurses, psychologists and relatives with a complex service for the people in their living place and to provide information about new methods of managing narrative medicine in everyday life
  2. EEA Grants and Norway Grants project „Strong NGO network for life with MS”. (2013-2014)The objective of the project was to strengthen nongovernmental organisations networks and coalitions with state and other governmental institutions.
  3. NORDEN .Co-operation in the Nordic countries and participation in other regional and international bodies Project name „ Support for Civil Society and Equality in Baltic.
  4. The EC funded project “InnovAge” (2013-2015) Social innovations promoting active and healthy aging.
  5. EC funded project in the framework of the Lifelong Learning programme,Leonardo da Vinci „ Hippocrates“(2007-2009) to provide trainers who work in the health sector with the necessary skills for knowledge management.
  6. EC funded project in the framework of the Lifelong Learning programme,Leonardo da Vinci „ Heppy - Healthcare: Parents Pathways.(2011-2013) Project was developmernt of innovations.with the aim to provide professional health carers with the