Thanks to our active Partner, LISS, several initiatives at national level in Lithuania were launched to promote EMP aims for living well

LISS organized its Annual Conference focusing the 2017 topic: “Actualities of multiple sclerosis in Lithuania and Europe” in 22nd September 2017 in Kupiskis (Lithuania). On September 23rd another national conference “Live well” was organized in Kupiskis, the same.
Both the conferences were attended by more 100 people each with MS. Other participants that were present: policy makers and politicians (from Parliament), representants from State institutions, industry and medical community.

Press dedicated to LISS initiatives at: ;;

See article attached too.  Here it also the picture of  Aldona Droseikiene, Responsible of the Lithuanian  Multiple Sclerosis UnionLISS, at the conference in Lithuanian Parliament “Alternative Medicine - evaluation  and possible solutions”.

Program at Info at:


Moreover, Aldona Droseikiene, as LISS speaker, will actively participate to the “INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE  for REHABILITATION IN HEALTH CARE" in November 23rd and 24th, 2017 (link:

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