Fostering wellbeing and daily living skills-services in Lithuania thanks to EMP-H Project

Summer Camp at Sventoji (28-31 August, 2017) participated by LISS (Lithuanian EMP-H Project Partner)

Participants: 86 people including 75 people with MS, Medical professionals from Baltic MS centers, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists.

The aim was to learn, develop and practice the skills to become more independent at home and at community level, helping people with problems with alcohol or smoking abuses.

Four days per each working sessions planned for different groups of people: for patients, for family members, for nurses and other professional staffs.  Skilled nurses guidanced participants on perceiving a right communication aid and how to improve living surrounding in order to change harmful habits.


Some experts explained how appropriate modifications could help the access to all places for patients - home, school, work place and even at vacation locations. There were presented samples and experiences from the patient’s life. Experts and physiotherapists have helped people to identify the right aids for their illness and lifestyle.

There were also regularly organized flash mobs according to the popular Schlager music in Lithuania.

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