October 19th and 20th, 2017: EMP-H Consortium Meeting n. 5 and Public Presentation in Valencia (Spain)

The 5th EMP-H Consortium Meeting took place in Valencia (Spain) on 19th and 20th October 2017.

At IISLAFE - Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe (in Avd. Fernando Abril Martorell 106) the Consortium delegates [Lucas Donat Castellò and Antonio Tortola representing Hulafe (ES), Angelo Penna, Gabriella Bigatti, Maurizio Bacchi and Patrizia Tempia representing ASL BI (IT), Aldona Droseikiene and Gertruda Ivanovaite of LISS (LT), Coppo Alessandro of UPO (IT), Eadoinn Whelan  Marie, Rose Sweeney and Davide Susta representing DCU (IE)] met each other to debate about the state of the art of the project and the final activities of the 3rd year.

The second day (October 20th) of the 5th CM started with the Public Presentation of EMP-H project activities at local Spanish audience.

During the workshop, organized by the Health Research Institute La Fe (at IISLAFE Auditorium), the preliminary results of EMP initiative have been announced, among whose objectives is to profile patients "according to their risk factors and provide specific individual advices". Speakers have showed the counselling sessions developed in order to monitor and change risk habits. In this way EMP Consortium has been working on the redesign of the hospital environment "so that it is conducive to a health promotion perspective". EMP Consortium speakers presented to participants the project partnership consisting of five partners from four different countries of the European Union.

Representatives of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health attended the workshop, highlighting the activities in the Valencian Community for the promotion of healthy habits among citizens. Other Spanish representatives of organizations and public bodies (Polibienestar - Public Research Institute of Valencia University, Consum Coop, …) pointed up best cases and best practices for healthy behaviors.
The presentation was attended by about 40 health and sanitary professionals and by general public.

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