March 9th, 2018: EMP-H Consortium Meeting n. 6 in Italy

The 6th EMP-H Consortium Meeting took place in Biella (Italy) on March 9th, 2018.

At Ospedale degli Inferni (ASL BIELLA) the Consortium delegates [Lucas Donat Castellò representing Hulafe (ES), Gabriella Bigatti, Maurizio Bacchi, Carla Becchi, Patrizia Tempia and Davide Bertacin representing ASL BI (IT), Aldona Droseikiene and Julija Andrejeva of LISS (LT), Fabrizio Faggiano and Coppo Alessandro of UPO (IT), Davide Susta representing DCU (IE)] met each other to debate about the closing steps of the project and the final activities of EMP.

The Consortium delegates debated about the deliverables to be published at the end of the project: before April 30th, 2018, the EMP-H Handbook and an Evaluation Report will be uploaded and available on the project website, at disposal for general public.

The Handbook (MANUAL) for health professionals and hospital managers is on how to implement a healthy lifestyle empowering service. It offers practical information on how introduce healthy lifestyle promotion practices in the hospital setting. The handbook summarizes the best evidence-based behavioral change practices towards healthy lifestyles. The central chapters of the manual are on how to implement a sustainable ‘education to empowerment’ service within the hospital targeting healthcare professionals, patients and their relatives.

The CM6 was followed, the day after, March 10th, by the Final Conference of the project held in Biella at Città Studi.


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