1. Profiling patients according to their risk factor and deliver individual counselling
  2. Patients engagement in interactive workshops aiming at monitoring and changing their risk factors
  3. Redesigning the hospital environment to be fully   conducive in a health promotion perspective (e.g.   introduction of healthy food at the hospital canteen  and cafeteria)
  4. Creating strong liaisons with the hospital catchment   area, useful to provide and maintain a suitable   environment for a permanent healthy behavioural   changes among patients (within and outside the   hospital)
  5. Designing and availability of the protocol and reports encourage the promotion of hospitals embracing a comprehensive and effective health promotion   approach

The Emp – H Consortium brings together a selection of partners particularly addressed to lead the way towards fostering health promotion interventions and environments in hospital settings.

The strategy is based on the Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) framework with a strong emphasis on evidence based prevention.