biella2The Local Health Authority (ASL) of Biella operates on the territory of the Province of Biella in Piedmont, a region in north-western Italy. The ASL of Biella comprises a general hospital ('Ospedale degli Infermi') and handles all aspects regarding health in their catchment area, which comprises about 200,000 residents and is divided into 82 municipalities. A new hospital with 513 beds was recently built and will open in Autumn 2014

The mission of the ASL of Biella consists in achieving the following health objectives for its catchment area: to promote health; to prevent diseases and unhealthy conditions; to treat diseases and unhealthy conditions; to reduce harm and functional damage resulting from diseases and to maintain the highest level of independence and quality of life.



Local Health Authoriry (ASL) of Biella,


HULAFE is a non-profit organization that oversees and manages the scientific policy of the Health Department La Fe in Valencia. The Health Department Valencia - La Fe is one of the health provision areas belonging to the Health Care System of the Region of Valencia (Spain), under the umbrella of the Valencia Health Agency (AVS).


Fundacion para la Investigacion del Hospital Universitario la Fe de Valencia – HULAFE,

novaraThe Università del Piemonte Orientale (in short, UPO) is a young and dynamic university located in Novara, Italy, at a short distance from both Milan and Torino. Established in 1998, UPO has created an extensive network that includes many top universities and world-famous research centres. In 2013, UPO has been ranked as the second best Italian University for biomedical research, and as the first among state-run Medical Schools (VIA-Academy, 2013). UPO has considerable experience in presenting and managing European research projects.

The Public Health Unit coordinated by prof. Faggiano is based at UPO's Department of Translational Medicine. The Department has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of prevention of risky behaviours in adolescents, evaluation of prevention interventions, implementation of evidence-based interventions, research on mediating variables for risky behaviours, systematic reviews, and evaluation of clinical studies.

The group led by Professor Fabrizio Faggiano has experience working on 4 large national and international randomized controlled trials aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of 4 diverse prevention interventions. The group collaborates with internationals partners such as Karolinska Institutet, Oxford Brookes University, King's College London, UNICEF, UNODC, and the EMCDDA. The group has specific experience on training, implementation and dissemination of Unplugged, a European prevention intervention which was found effective in tackling substance use and abuse in adolescence and was disseminated in Central-Eastern Europe, and in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Morocco, Kuwait. Over the last few years, the group has been involved in several European projects, namely Alice Rap, Eu-Dap, SPAN, EMDAS, Smoking in movies, TEENAGE. It collaborates with the Ministry of Health and with the National Agency for Health Services for the dissemination of effective prevention practices in Italy.

Università del Piemonte Orientale – UPO,

Dublin City University has been consistently ranked among the best 100 young universities in the world. DCU has community engagement as strategic priority and a strong vocation to translate healthcare innovation into benefits to the society. The Faculty of Science and Health at Dublin City University is a unique cluster of Research Centres and Teaching Schools focusing on preventing or delaying the morbidity and mortality associated with chronic diseases prevalent in the European Union. In particular, the School of Health and Human Performance and the School of Nursing and Human Sciences aim to develop novel and effective physiological and behavioural interventions to be implemented in clinical care facilities and to be delivered as community-based prevention programmes.
DCU researchers have been successful in securing grants to undertake basic and applied research projects from several agencies including EU- FP7, Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board, Enterprise Ireland, Irish Heart Foundation.

Dublin City University DCU:



Dublin City University,

Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union (LMSU),lituania is a member of the European MS Platform,European MS Federation and member of Eurocarer association.

The Organisation also is one of the initiator in the founding of the Baltic MS Alliance.

LMSU (Lithuanian multiple sclerosis union) is an association with 16 branches, 3 hospital centers, 15 staff and 15 volunteers. LMSU have research, medical treatment, rehabilitation, home care and social integration departments. Supports and contributes to the development of health and social protection of people with multiple sclerosis; treatment, rehabilitation, research and integration into social life through projects and programmes.

Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union (LMSU),